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Welltrinsic Sleep Network offers a full range of services for sleep physicians, sleep centers and managed care organizations with the vision of improving the quality of care for sleep disorders patients.

Payer Relations

Innovative Clinical Services

Innovative services help physicians stay on the cutting edge of sleep medicine. Network members are encouraged to participate in these programs, which share a goal of positioning sleep practices for the future.

Welltrinsic Sleep Wellness Program: Participate in the Sleep Wellness program, which offers sleep education, fatigue management, sleep disorders screening and clinical management via telemedicine to employers nationwide. These programs improve general sleep awareness and education, improve productivity and increase practice referrals.

Welltrinsic PAP Management Service: Welltrinsic’s new PAP Management Service makes it easy for members to shift management of PAP therapy into the sleep practice, allowing greater physician supervision and direction of care. Managing PAP therapy will increase access to outcome data and lead to improved patient adherence, quality of delivered care and patient satisfaction. The PAP Management Service also will provide new practice revenue sources through setup and resupply fees and increased clinic volume.


Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) Service: Welltrinsic members can quickly integrate HSAT testing into their practice, or expand their current HSAT program, by utilizing the HSAT Acquisition Service, an on-demand program provided in partnership with Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.(CleveMed). An innovator in portable sleep diagnostics, CleveMed delivers the HSAT device directly to the patient and facilitates device retrieval. Testing data are provided to Welltrinsic members through the CleveMed web-based portal, which allows convenient and secure data access for interpretation by the sleep physician. The service overcomes the potentially cost-prohibitive barriers to HSAT implementation by eliminating the need for the sleep practice to purchase new devices, monitor device inventory or perform device cleaning and maintenance. Welltrinsic members who prefer in-house device management also receive exclusive discounts on purchases of CleveMed devices.


Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia - SHUTi: This innovative and scientifically validated online program delivers tailored, interactive content to patients through structured learning sessions that are modeled after CBT-I strategies. Patients of Welltrinsic members are guaranteed the lowest possible price for the program, an exclusive benefit of membership.


Positional Therapy for OSA - Night Shift: This clinically-validated device enables sleep practices to implement and monitor positional therapy for OSA. Night Shift has the ability to monitor and report compliance with therapy through the wireless transmission of position data to a physician-accessible portal. Welltrinsic members can provide discount prices to their patients for purchase of the device.

Payer Relations

Data Management Solutions

Welltrinsic is committed to promoting evidence-based care and demonstrating the value of sleep medicine to payers. AASM SleepTM is an innovative telemedicine platform designed specifically for the sleep specialist and includes sleep-specific features such as sleep diaries, sleep questionnaires and fitbit data importation. Expand the reach of your sleep practice, increasing practice volume and efficiency.

Payer Relations

Payer Relations

With a unified membership, Welltrinisic is in a position of strength to negotiate contracts with employers and payers for sleep services. These contracts preserve the relationship between sleep disorders patients and the board-certified sleep medicine physician.

Insurers who work with Welltrinsic gain access to a national network of sleep specialists who have the expertise to deliver high-quality care for patients with sleep disorders. Managed care organizations interested in learning more about Welltrinisic are encouraged to contact President & CEO Lawrence Epstein, MD, at

Board-certified physicians who sign up June 1 through August 1 receive up to one year of free access to Somnoware’s patient adherence data solutions.

Expanded Member Benefits

Network membership ensures sleep physicians will have the opportunity to utilize Welltrinsic’s suite of support services:


Wealth Management Services: Welltrinsic members can take advantage of professional financial and investment services through Mediqus Asset Advisors. Mediqus is offering its services to Welltrinsic members at the lowest rates available to clients. Throughout its history, Mediqus has provided quality, personalized financial and educational services almost exclusively to healthcare professionals, with emphasis on investment strategy, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation through a combination of personalized analysis, strategy and advice.

Accreditation Discounts: Welltrinsic Center Members receive discounts on new and reaccreditation applications for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s accreditation program – realizing a savings of up to $1,250. Contact the AASM’s accreditation department at to learn more about discounts available exclusively to Welltrinsic members.