Welltrinsic FAQs

Q: If I join Welltrinsic can I choose not to participate in services that I cannot use for my practice?
Yes, you will be able to enroll and participate in whichever programs fit your needs.
Q: Are all cloud-based functions of Welltrinsic HIPAA compliant?
Yes. All services offered by Welltrinsic that involve patient information in any way are HIPAA compliant.
Q: Can medical systems with multiple sites participate in Welltrinsic?
All medical systems with sleep services are encouraged to participate in Welltrinsic. Visit Welltrinsic.com and choose “Center Membership” to register.
Q: Does joining Welltrinsic limit the ability to participate in other physician networks?
No, but we intend on making Welltrinsic the only network that sleep physicians and sleep centers will need.
Q: Are Welltrinsic members limited to using specific testing and treatment devices?
No, at the moment Welltrinsic members are free to use whichever devices they wish, through whichever DME provider they want.