About Welltrinsic

Welltrinsic is a national network connecting sleep physicians and accredited centers to deliver high-quality, integrated care. We link clinical expertise, practice development, patient management, data solutions and contracting.

Why a sleep care network?

The Welltrinsic Sleep Network represents a comprehensive sleep medicine solution by working together with providers, insurers and employers to navigate the changing U.S. health care system. The continued consolidation of patient care systems and the creation of new physician payment models requires a unified specialty on a national scale to ensure access to quality care. The network empowers sleep physicians and sleep centers to provide ongoing, coordinated care. Welltrinsic ensures that sleep-related health care revolves around the expertise of sleep specialists.

What does the network do?

Welltrinsic offers a range of clinical and management services that keeps its members on the cutting edge of sleep medicine. Members can participate in Sleep Wellness programs, which develops new referrals and improves sleep education. Welltrinsic also offers access to the AASM SleepTM telemedicine platform, allowing expansion of your practice.

How will the network impact the sleep field?

The network protects the viability of the sleep medicine specialty while ensuring that patients with a sleep illness receive the highest quality of care. The network supports the new paradigm of care developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which keeps the sleep physician at the center of patient care while promoting collaborative relationships with primary care and other specialty providers.

How does the network benefit members?

Participation in Welltrinsic by member physicians and sleep centers provides both short-term stability and opportunities for long-term business growth. Through its Sleep Wellness programs, the Welltrinsic network drives patients to members. The network also equips members with the infrastructure needed to provide the high quality, value-based, patient-centered care demanded by the Affordable Care Act.