Healthy Sleep. Healthy Life.

Welltrinsic is here to help you and your employees develop healthy sleep habits and improve overall wellness through better sleep. Sleep is one of the most essential parts of our daily lives and Welltrinsic strives to help everyone receive better, healthier sleep.

Employer Introduction

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Employee Introduction

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The importance of Improving Sleep Quality

  • $150 billion/year in sleep-related healthcare costs and lost productivity

  • Over 50 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder – most are undiagnosed!

  • Workers are more productive and less likely to miss work with improved sleep

  • Lack of sleep is a top cause of workplace accidents and injuries

What is the Welltrinsic Wellness Program?

Welltrinsic provides sleep wellness content and resources designed by sleep professionals to help employers promote a healthier workforce. Through four different methods, employers can partner with Welltrinsic to help their employees sleep better and be more productive.

Educational Modules

Engaging educational videos provide employees with tips and guidance on how to sleep better.


As your employees go through the program, we recognize opportunities for improvement and provide direction on how to develop better sleep habits.

Sleep Disorders Screening

Welltrinisic helps identify those at risk for a sleep disorder and connects them with board certified sleep physicians.

On-Site Seminars

To help educate groups, Welltrinsic offers on-site seminars that educate & inform employees on the risks of sleep deprivation, how to improve their sleep habits, & much more.

Benefits of a Welltrinsic Partnership

Welltrinsic provides a comprehensive sleep wellness program that arms your staff with the resources, tools, and tips to return to healthy sleep patterns. When your team is well rested, everyone benefits!


Enjoy a healthier, more well rested staff that provides you with better productivity, engagement, and reduction in absenteeism and accidents.


The average person spends roughly a third of their lives asleep, we want to help make sure that you are getting restful, positive, and healthy sleep.

Benefits Plans

Welltrinsic has the power to help you reduce costs on healthcare by improving alertness, reversing the effects of sleep deprivation and screening for undetected sleep disorders.


Developed by sleep physicians and professionals, Welltrinsic helps to provide thorough, thoughtful care to each participant in the program.

About Welltrinsic

Welltrinsic is a sleep medicine education and services group and is a subsidiary of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Welltrinsic provides a wellness program to employers and wellness companies that helps enable employees and employers to promote a healthy lifestyle resulting in more productive worktime.
Welltrinsic also includes a network of sleep medicine physicians and accredited sleep centers. The network of physicians is available to help those who need additional assistance after completing the learning content within the Welltrinsic platform.

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